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my name's delaney, but i go by laney for short. i'm an eighteen year old aspiring author/poet with a passion for music. i spend the majority of my free time writing because its the easiest way for me to get all of my thoughts in order. i'm messy and disorganized. i care too much about the little things in life and too little about the bigger picture. i love to listen and have been told i give good advice. i'm still indecisive about my future and tend to change my mind way too much, but i know i want to help people, especially children. i don't believe in god, or in heaven and hell. i just believe in living for today. i believe in the 'now'. i'm easily inspired by people who express themselves in ways that i cannot. i look up to people who have the courage to do the things i believe i never could. i believe there is someone out there for everyone, as long as you try hard enough to find them. relationships scare me because i've seen people i love hurt too many times. music is my stability. i live for it. it's what i breathe. i'm not the most outgoing person in the world, and my level of self-esteem is in the negatives, but i try not to let that hold me back. i love to talk about life with people who can make me think. that said, feel free to shoot me a message. ♥
black veil brides saved my life. ♥

not that my absence from tumblr has caused a great upset in anybody’s life. but hey. here i am~

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how am i supposed to get a boyfriend i cant even get anons

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Jaime and Vic talk about bullying

band blog. i follow back!

^go away

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i know i sound like an attention whore, but they’re both new blogs.

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I made a new tumblr. Please follow if you follow this account, because I will be deleting this one shortly.

thanks ♥

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I made a new tumblr. I’m doing this thing where I’m trying to clean up my life and my attitude and be more positive or whatever. A clean slate of sorts. I’ll probably be deleting account at some point, so if any of you would like to follow the new one, I would so very happy ♥